Puppy Pre-School

Extensive research shows that early socialisation is critical for the development of well-adjusted dogs. Our puppy pre-school is the easiest and most fun way to make sure your new pooch gets the best start possible.

Our puppy school is a five week course. This is different to standard four week course that is usually offered. Why? We believe a good foundation for puppies starts with you, the puppy’s parents. For this reason, week one is a bonus class just for parents. This is an opportunity to cover some of the theory behind the first crucial months with your puppy – without the beautiful chaos that happens at ground level! - and address any questions you may have. Your puppy will join us for weeks two through to five. They will learn manners, social skills and basic obedience, with an abundance of positive interactions with people and other puppies. 

Our amazing puppy Trainer Lisa is on hand to answer your questions and offers professional advice. Lisa and our nurses can assist with any questions about puppy nutrition, communication, how to curb any behavioural problems, socialisation and are happy to assist with mental and physical stimulation, behavioural techniques, and much more.

Puppy School is also an opportunity to identify and prevent behavioural problems early, and will provide you with the basic skills to train a puppy both in and out of class.

Plus (and we're just being selfish now), puppies who attend puppy class here invariably learn to love coming to the vet, making our job and your life that much lovelier! 

The next Puppy Pre-School class starts:

Saturday, November 04th at 8:15am (8-13 weeks) Level 1*
Saturday, November 04th at 9:30am (13-18 weeks) Level 2**

*Level 1 = Puppy Pre-School (8-13 weeks)
**Level 2 = Bridging class (13-18 weeks) after Puppy Pre-School, including the following:

  • Prepares owner and puppy for working in a higher distractive environments
  • Focusing on increasing basic skills
  • Working on lead manners and lose-lead walking
  • Introducing foundation skills for recall

To attend classes, each puppy must have received their first vaccination and be 8-18 weeks of age - all included in our Puppy Package. The price for 5 x 1 hour. is $250. 

Places book up fast so book your spot early!
Phone: 08 9383 7773
Email: reception@thefloreatvet.com

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