Christmas Opening Hours

Wednesday 23rd December      9am – 5pm
Thursday 24th December      9am – 5pm
Friday 25th December      Closed
Saturday 26th December      Closed
Sunday 27th December      Closed
Monday 28th December      Closed
Tuesday 29th December      9am - 5pm
Wednesday 30th December      9am – 5pm
Thursday 31st December      9am – 5pm
Friday 1st January      Closed
Saturday 2nd January      8am – 1pm
Sunday 3rd January      Closed

Dr. John Pascall

John’s parents knew that he was destined for a career caring for animals when, at the age of 8, he claimed responsibility for the flatulence of their family dog, Rigby, so that the dog wouldn’t have to leave the room. Growing up in Perth, he studied Veterinary Science at the University of Sydney, and his love of animals... Read more

Since 1988, The Floreat Vet has offered a professional services like surgery, dentistry, radiology and puppy school. 

Open Hours

Monday to Friday: 7am – 7pm 
Saturday: 8am – 1pm 
Closed Sundays and Public Holidays


Latest News

  • Foreign Body Removal

    A foreign body is exactly what it sounds like, something that has entered the body that shouldn’t be there! Common foreign bodies that end up in the gastrointestinal tract of dogs include; bones, chewed up toys, socks and more embarrassingly, underwear.

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