Coronavirus Proactive Plan

With the recent increase of COVID 19 cases within the community and the elevation to “Very High Case Load” status, The Floreat Vet will be implementing measures to ensure that we can remain open, and with a staffing level that is able to deliver the level of service you and your loved ones deserve. 


The measures we will be putting in place, temporarily are as follows;


Curbside consultations;

-You will be sent a pre consultation questionnaire, please help us deliver a thorough examination and treatment plan for your pet by completing this short questionnaire prior to your consultation

-On arrival please call the clinic or ring the doorbell and wait outside

- One of our helpful nursing staff will collect your pet from, if you have any additional information you would like communicated with the vet do not hesitate to inform the nurse

- The vet will call to communicate with you about any recommended treatment or advice

-Once the appointment is complete, we will bring your pet back outside and arrange for you to make payment


We understand you may be concerned about your pet being alone in this process, please be assured that our staff will be kind, patient and comforting. There will be no shortage of treats, cuddles and pats.


Call and collect;

If you require any of the below services please call the clinic prior, one of our team will arrange the items for collection and advise you when they are ready 

  • Medications

  • Food

  • Pet bedding/accessories

On arrival please call the clinic or ring the doorbell and wait outside. We will bring the items out to you and take any payments. Alternatively you may request to make any payments prior to collection.


We thank you for your understanding and patience in these unprecedented times. We will endeavor to restore our normal consultation service as soon as possible.

Medical Mask Exemption Notice
We have a duty of care to maintain a safe & healthy facility for staff and clients, and we take this responsibility very seriously. During the SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus) pandemic, we require all staff and clients to wear a properly fitted face mask covering the nose and mouth while inside our clinic and/or interacting with our staff.
If you hold an exemption and cannot wear a mask, please remain outside and call us on (08) 9383 7773 to discuss how our services can be delivered to you.
In accordance with the Equal Opportunity Act, we will make “reasonable adjustments” to our services to accommodate you. For the protection of our staff, this may include having your consultation delivered via telephone or outside.

We hope you understand and will work with us to keep our medical staff and our community safe.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Dr. John Pascall

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